I cannot login

To enter a training center, please follow the steps below:
1. Go to the certification or recertification training center

2. Enter (or preferably COPY and PASTE from the ORIGINAL message you received) your username and password to log in (ATTENTION: login and password are case sensitive and may contain both letters and numbers - RAVD15 is not equal to rAvDl5)

3. Click on Enter.

4. Click on your course

5. You are welcomed to your online course area.

6. Please read all of online instructions and welcome information carefully in order to fully benefit from the course features.

7. Chrome is not supported. Use IE, Firefox or Safari.

Do not forget to check the computer requirements, by opening the course brochure from PMCAMPUS.com website for the course(s) you are registered in and choosing "technical requirements" tab:

Disable pop-up blockers. If you have a pop-up blocker installed, or you are using an internet browser such as MSN, AOL or Earthlink, you will need to turn off the blocker to open the new windows and use the e-simulators from the PMCAMPUS.com websites.


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