How to Activate Flash Player - SWF not working

It sounds like you may be using a browser that is not compatible with the app or your Flash plugin (swf files) is not activated. See below how to fix this. Here are some pointers that may be helpful about the Flash Player: - To download and install Flash plugin: Also for mac: - Please check your plugin is properly activated: Check for the Your Browser>preferences>websites : click on the Adobe Flash player verify it is "On" for You can also verify at this page: You should read "CONGRATULATIONS! Flash Player is enabled in your web browser." They have more instructions on how to activate the Flash plugin with different browsers. Please follow all the instructions You may also need to clear your browser cache/restart it all. In addition, Agile courses have several interactive activities were you need to go page by page and input your post, vote and comment. See more details and step by step instructions in the Welcome and "Getting Started" Section. You will see all the study path and pages you need to visit before the system will record your activity as "completed". Do not hesitate to contact us so we can assist you to experience the course in the best way possible.

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