Education provider - How to claim PDUs - Satisfaction Guarantee is an Independent Education Provider. ============================================================= We provide affordable and quality training to thousands of students. We issue training certificate of training completion as a valid proof that you have completed activities pertaining to the category “EDUCATION” under “Courses from other third party providers” as listed in PMI CCRS HANDBOOK, page 14. See more about us here: How To Claim Continuing Education PDUs =================================== To claim and report your earned PDUs, go to PMI’S CCRS at Go to “Report PDUs”, select the option “Course or Training” and fill in the form to indicate the course details including the education provider and course name, description, and date started/completion. Verify the accuracy of your claim before submitting. See more about to earn PDUs here: All courses are provided with a satisfaction guarantee within 48 hours of purchase. ================================================================== See terms and conditions here: